bunkers and sprawl and Buildings Breeding

I got the new Building's Breeding EP, Colors Bent for Seasons, which came out on the 26th.

A brief refresher: BB are from Davis, formed in '06, mellow and pleasant indie pop. I emphasize their chill factor cos I don't like pop that's too poppy, or indie that's too riffy. This is neither.

The EP is five tracks. The best are "Rushing Red," a REM like ballad with dummer Melanie Glover on vocals; "The Ones We Love," a bruiser, snappy outro with regular vocalist Chris Larsen singing and playing guitar.

They've got a show Saturday in the afternoon, 2pm, in Davis with Standard Tribesman. $5 and a free CD. It's at the bomb shelter. Learn more here, at Undietacos, about the address and the time.

Or visit the BB site, here, for more info. Evidently they're waging war with AT&T, which I can admire.

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