The Mayyors, 2/22/08, Midtown

Mayyors are fuckin' sick.

I didn't wear earplugs so my ears ate shit the next day. But it was worth it.

The Mayyors–Woodhouse, Mark Kaiser, Julian Elorduy, John Pritchard–play high-speed, saturated, maxed-out, addictive, up-in-your-shit noise punk. Heather Klinger told me they're Sac's only "supergroup." I don't know about that, but they kill.

I’m not sure if guitarist Woodhouse was playing out of stacked Marshalls this past Friday at a basement show in Midtown, but, according Tim Foster, he evidently takes pride in gratuitously ratcheting up the decibels. It’s borderline abuse, but it’s worth it.

They don’t do MySpace, MP3s, Web sites, promotions, demos, and they repeatedly misspell their monikker, so I can't give you much info. Woodhouse practically laughed when I asked to do a story.

But there are shows in March. And rumblings of a 7-inch due sometime soon. Excellent.


goongumpas said...


i thot you had learned to roll out with earplugs, son. i guess not.

i highly recommend the high-fidelity earplugs by hearos, which you can order online from guitar center (white people love guitar center).

i also keep a bag of earplugs in my car, but that's just me.

Heather K. said...

Misquote! I didn't say they are Sac's "only" super group, I said they are "one" of Sacramento's super groups!

Nice photos!


FFT said...

Ooops! Sorry I was kinda faded.

Anonymous said...

really shitty photos.

FFT said...

i know. don't like to use flash and some jackass threw a beer at my camera. it was prolly you, huh, anonymous?

Anonymous said...

video with song off first 7" is up: